Friday, December 7, 2012


The use of a Realtor is absolutely free unless and until I find you the perfect property.
You get all this:
  • every phone call I make on your behalf
  • all my contacts in the field
  • referrals to services you may need (plumbers, contractors, electricians, painters)
  • rapport with other Realtors that speeds things along
  • every email I send on your behalf
  • every home visit we attend together
  • my overseeing at walk through and inspection
  • my advice on pricing, layout, and anything you might like
Try to get an attorney to spend 1 minute on the phone for free! You get all this from me and I don't take any payment until the process is complete. It's my pleasure to find you the perfect home. I'm so committed that you pay me at the end. Great, right?

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