Sunday, July 24, 2011

Real Estate Vocabulary - A

Jumping into Real Estate, as a buyer or a seller, can be overwhelming and confusing if you're not up to par on your terminology. Here are a few terms to help!

Advance Commitment - The institutional investor’s prior agreement to provide long-term financing upon the completion of a construction project.

Advance Fee - 1. A fee paid in advance of any services rendered such as in obtaining a loan. 2. Sometimes unlawfully charged in connection with the illegal practice of obtaining a fee in advance for the advertising of property or businesses for sale with no intent.

Advancement - A gift from a parent to a child in anticipation of the share the child will eventually inherit from the parent’s estate which is intended to be deducted from the inheritance.

Adverse Possession - A method of acquiring title to real property through the continued possession of the property under certain conditions for the statutory period by a person who is other than the owner of record. 2. A means of acquiring title where an occupant has been in actual open notorious and continuous occupancy of a property under a claim of right for the required statutory period.

Aesthetic Value - The additional value a property enjoys based on subjective criteria such as look or appeal.

Affidavit - A statement or declaration reduced to writing and sworn to or affirmed before a public official who has authority to administer an oath or affirmation.

Affirmative Action Program - A detailed plan used to overcome the causes and affects of discriminatory policies in the hiring employment and/or training of minority members of society.

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Source: RealEstateWords

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